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Kindle Fire

Earlier this week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced new Kindle e-readers, and also the brand new Kindle Fire. It’s a brand new tablet that can play movies, watch shows, play apps, browse the net, and of course, read e-books. It will run on an altered version of Android, and the price tag is very attractive, […]

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Google Plus

Google Plus…the next social network. And by far, one of the better products Google has released in the years (yes, it’s better than Google Buzz!). Google Plus launched a few months ago to beta users, and now it’s available to public, with millions of accounts being opened every day! So they have 5 main features […]

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Google Wallets

Recently, Google Inc has launched a brand new product for consumers…and no, I’m not talking about Google Plus. I’m talking about the Google Wallet. So what is a Google Wallet? Basically, it’s an app made by Google for your Android device. Avaliable from the Android Market. However, it is currently only avaliable on the Nexus […]

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RFID Technology Dangers

Radio Frequency Identification is a technology using radio waves to transfer data via an electronic tag. Examples are used in package tracking and enteringĀ securedĀ buildings. It is used in the Paypass system too. But now they’re in credit and debit cards. All you would have to do is wave your card in front of a RFID […]

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Lytro Camera Technology

Are you a photo person? Have you ever wanted to take a picture, and refocus it after? Then, you should check out the Lytro Camera Technology. This was featured on BBC Click a few weeks ago. So how does this cool technology work? It is based on Plenoptics. Plenootic (cameras) use microlens array to capture […]

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