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Welcome the Chromebook

A few minutes ago, Google announced the release of the Chromebook. This is a new laptop being released by Google Inc. You will need a Google account. Some major notes are that the Chromebook has no internal storage. It’s basically a new kind of laptop that is run “though the cloud.” It runs on Chrome […]

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How to get a DVD movie onto iTunes

Many people these days own lots of DVDs, but you want them on iTunes for your iPods. You could always buy them from the store (eh), or get digital copies (but the downside is, you’re stuck with a blu-ray disk if you don’t have the player). There’s an easy solution. 1) Download the program Handbrake. […]

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OS X Lion releases today!

OK, so the new software for Mac got released today on July 20 of 2011. This is the new installment for MacBooks and so on. After looking at it on the Apple website and watching keynotes, here’s my take. I think Apple is becoming too reliant on the iOS software. It now features gestures on […]

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Feedback and New Reviews

Want to see a review here? Want to send me feedback? Visit the new “feedback” section on my webiste. Or go here:

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Facebook Update

Jordan’s Tech Stop has a NEW Facebook address.

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IE9 vs Firefox 5 vs Chrome 12

Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 5, and Google Chrome 12 are used widely today. These are the current versions of the browsers as of today (July 15/2011). But what’s the best one to use? There are SO MANY opinions out there, but here is mine. Each browser has their own different design, from how the […]

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Facebook Chat Updates

OK. Today on July 6/2011, Facebook held a keynote to unveil new chat innovations. They focused on Group Chat, a New Design, and Video Calling. Group Chats will allow you to chat to multiple people at once. They have already integrated this into Groups earlier. Facebook said that 50% of people are active users of […]

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Office 365

Office 365 is the next big thing for business, and I can tell, this will be used a lot by small businesses! Office 365 is a Microsoft tool for businesses. It will take Microsoft products to “the cloud.” According to Microsoft, over 1billion PCs in the world, and 40million customers are paying for cloud services. […]

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Jordan’s Tech Stop on Facebook

Jordan’s Tech Stop is now on Facebook. Search up: Jordan’s Tech Stop or here is the direct site:

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