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Firefox 5

Firefox 5 was just released on June 21 of 2011. This came out faster than Firefox 4, but there isn’t much of a difference. There are a few new notable features though. And some good and bad. The Good: Firefox 4 introduced a new feature, the menu bar. This keeps on through Firefox 5, which […]

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iOS 5.0 is NOW announced

Finally, what I’ve been waiting for iOS 5.0! And THIS WILL be a game changer! From what I see, there are some MAJOR changes in the iOS. Here’s my take… Notifications: What I’ve been waiting for. A NEW application feature. Don’t you find that it’s annoying that it stops your game to give you a […]

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Blackberry Playbook

Ok then. I was quite disappointed with this tablet. OS: I did NOT like this operating system at all. It was very confusing to get around the tablet, and I couldn’t even figure out how to get back to the home screen. Even though the home screen touch interface is nice, Blackberry went overboard on […]

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