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One of Apple's flagship stores in New York
(Image Credit: Apple)

Vancouver To Receive An Apple Flagship Store

Canadian Apple fans should be quite ecstatic by this news. Apple is said now to be opening a flagship retail store in downtown Vancouver. According to a report from Retail Insider, an announcement is expected soon on the location of the new store. Apple currently has 5 stores within the Metro-Vancouver region. The locations include Burnaby’s […]

The "All New HTC One" leaked in a press image by TELUS
(Image Credit: MobileSyrup)

TELUS Receiving All New HTC One: Confirmed Via Press Image

What we know about the All New HTC One was confirmed by a TELUS press image earlier today, with MobileSyrup posting the press release photo. With HTC’s press event scheduled for March 25th, we can pretty much guarantee that this new HTC device will be the one unveiled. Codenamed “M8,” the next version of the […]

HUVRtech - Hoverbaord

Viral Hoverboard Video Allegedly Fake

A viral video surfaced this week, claiming the company HUVrTech created a real life hoverboard. Something that most people in my generation hoped to see, many were excited and flabbergasted to see this idea being turned into reality when the video went viral. And with endorsements from skater Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens and Christopher Lloyd from […]

Image Credit: HardForum

The “All New HTC One” Leaked Images Surface

The anticipated successor of the HTC One is to be featured in a press conference next month. However today, leaked images of the “All New HTC One” surfaced on the internet, giving fans and analysts an insight on what HTC has to offer. The images were first leaked by Hardforum, which at the time of writing […]

Toronto's mayor Rob Ford featured in the latest parodies of Flappy Bird.
(Screenshot Credit: Jordan Yep/Jordan's Tech Stop)

Flappy Ford: Latest Spinoff of Flappy Bird Inspired by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

We just can’t seem to get rid of Flappy Bird eh? Well this latest spinoff on the interent features Toronto mayor Rob Ford, that mayor who gained much media attention over the last few months. The game is simple, and follows the same mechanics as Flappy Bird. Simply tap the space button or left click […]

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Pendulum Painting Review (iOS)

Pendulum Painting Review (iOS)

In 1851, the French physicist, Jean Bernard Léon Foucault invented the Foucault Pendulum.  This revolutionary device demonstrated the effect of the Earth’s rotation.  This being the first demonstration of the Earth’s rotation that didn’t rely on observations in outer space, Foucault pendulums quickly became popular.  Modebiz’s iOS app, Pendulum Painting, demonstrates the rotation of the […]


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